Our philosophy of guiding principles, values and beliefs has been at the core of our growth for the past 50+ years. The next time you meet a person working for our family of related companies, ask to see their Strang Corporation Gold Card. Everyone has one.


Our mission is to be the premier hospitality Company having the best people to do Whatever It Takes to deliver quality products and excellent service to every customer.


Commitment to our People – Our People are our most valuable resource

Integrity – We are comfortable seeing our actions and decisions made public

Accountability – We will hold ourselves responsible for the standards we set in order to achieve our goals

Continuous Learning – We will strive to be lifelong learners and apply what we learn to improve ourselves personally, professionally, and as an organization


  • In treating everyone with dignity and respect.
  • That a positive attitude is the most important attribute of Our people.
  • Our people have a right to know the reasons underlying company goals, standards, and procedures.
  • In encouraging Our people to openly express their opinions, concerns, and ideas.
  • Hospitality is the basis of our business, and we will treat customers as if they are guests in our home.
  • Profits provide possibilities.
  • In celebrating success.
  • In making a positive impact on our communities.

Strang Corporation

A History of Excellence
in Hospitality