Our Guiding Principles, Values & Beliefs

• We will never compromise our integrity. Our standard for ethical behavior must always meet this test;
• We will be comfortable seeing our actions (and the motive for them) published in the newspaper.

We Believe

• That creating and keeping customers is the only basis for job security and the foundation for Company growth
• That employees are our most valuable asset, and they should be recognized for their contributions to the Company’s growth
• That performance is the only basis for reward
• That measurement improves performance
• That we should control the selection of people rather than control the people we select
• That a positive attitude is the most important attribute of employees
• That good employees openly express their opinions, concerns, and ideas and that successful managers listen
• That success depends upon the commitment of each individual to our standards, to our goals, and to each other
• In celebrating successes

We Pledge

To Our Customers:

• We will express our appreciation for your patronage
• We will treat you as though you are a guest in our home
• We will take the initiative to understand your needs and desires
• We will strive to exceed your expectations

To Our Fellow Employees:

• We will reward you based on your individual and team performance
• We will treat you fairly and with dignity and respect
• We will encourage and assist each of you to reach your highest level of accomplishment
• We will encourage your frank expression of opinions, concerns and ideas-you have a right to know the reasons underlying Company goals, standards and procedures
• We will consistently measure your performance and provide accurate and timely feedback
• We will provide a clean and safe workplace

To Our Suppliers:

• We believe that you are our partners in better serving our customers, therefore:
• We will honor our agreements
• We will objectively measure supplier performance
• We will treat your representatives with respect and value their time
• We will honor and maintain confidences

To Our Communities:

• We will maintain our properties, obey the law, assist those less fortunate and support those institutions that enhance the quality of life in our community

To Our Shareholders:

• We will earn continued use of shareholders’ capital by developing a management team that will generate superior returns on capital placed at risk
• We will communicate routinely and effectively with our shareholders
• We will actively seek new opportunities for sound investment

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