Our philosophy of guiding principles, values and beliefs has been at the core of our growth for the past 50+ years. The next time you meet a person working for our family of related companies, ask to see their Strang Corporation Gold Card. Everyone has one.

missionThis Gold Card has listed the values and beliefs, mission statement and guiding principles linking our commitment to service, customer focus and reinforcing a long-term orientation to meet the challenges faced in the expanding scope of the Strang Corporation.

It is important to understand that our statement of values and beliefs and our mission statement are not accurate descriptions of present reality. We do not pretend that every one of the 1,500 employees of Strang Corporation behaves consistently with all these values all the time or that we as a Corporation have achieved our mission.

As an organization of human beings working to serve human beings, we are certainly not perfect. At any rate, believing in principles, having high aspirations, and measuring our behavior against both remains an important part of the Strang Corporation. These are our beliefs about how we ought to behave, how we intend to behave, and what we aspire to be. They work as important benchmarks, or standards, to which we as members of the Strang Corporation all hold ourselves when measuring our own performance.

Strang Corporation’s 50+ years of experience and performance in the hospitality industry, coupled with a talented stable management team represents a strong foundation upon which to build your career into a world class one. Strang Corporation is an expert in Careers in the Hospitality Industry. In addition to bringing new people to Strang Corporation, this strong growth has created a wave of promotions from within. For example, over 80% of our general managers and area managers have been promoted from within. It is a clear demonstration of a belief in the development of the treasure of talent.

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